Save Millions - Save Billions

Save millions of Americans from having heart attack and stroke and save hundreds of billions$$$ in 5 years by turning off the faucet instead of just mopping the floor.

If more dedicated physicians are willing to receive some additional training to identify and successfully treat most adult Americans who are at high risk for heart attack and stroke and if they are reimbursed fairly for their hard work, they can replicate these performance data over time.

L-TAP Study - Wide Treatment Gap Nationwide Revealed

Nationwide lack of appropriate recommended medical therapy - only 18% of high risk patients were at treatment goal; 72% were either getting suboptimal treatment or no treatment at all. We created the solutions to fix this serious problem.

By 2006, we published our first performance data with 85% were treated successfully.  

By 2016, a decade later, we published our second performance data. Not only did we close the treatment gap 10 years before but we turned off the faucet instead of just mopping the floor.

The natural progressive course of atherosclerosis was halted - plaques don’t rupture and plaques regressed. 

Heart attacks and strokes do not occur; premature deaths and disabilities are avoided; expensive cardiac hospitalizations, procedures, stents and bypass surgeries are not needed.

Preventive cardiology + clinical lipidology + PaKS and ACCEPT clinical management system = $8,790 savings per patient with diagnosis of CHD and $6,499 savings per patient with diagnosis of diabetes as compared to the usual cardiologists who are not preventive, not clinical lipidologists, and have not developed care innovations. I believe that the savings are actually even much greater.

 Start Date: Jan 1, 2019     © Save Your Heart Campaign  2019