The Calcium Scan Documentary

Watch this award-winning Netflix documentary

This is an eye-opening investigative story of how a few trusted physician leaders successfully conspired to block for as long as possible (over a decade) the more widespread use of coronary calcium scoring that could have saved millions of preventable deaths in the US. Don’t be a victim.

If more Americans can see this film, it might ignite a transformative change in the nation’s fight against the number 1 public health problem - heart attack and stroke that kills more Americans than the next three leading causes of death combined and carries an economic cost of $1.2 billion per day.

Any group interested in lowering their healthcare cost while also improving their cardiovascular health should consider hosting a screening - in your community, workplace, church, civic group or organization.

Coronary Scan

Multi-detector high speed CT machine use for coronary scan to look for plaques - fast, low cost, diagnostic, no contrast, no exercise, very low radiation.

Who are we trying to identify in order to treat medically:

The target of this campaign is the 580,000 Americans who will have their first heart attack every year. These people already have many plaques and high calcium scores but don’t know it yet. If they are identified earlier, they can receive optimal medical therapy that stops plaque progression. Atherosclerosis is a diffused disease that is present in the arteries of both the heart and the brain. The same medical treatment that prevents heart attacks and prevents strokes and there are 610,000 new strokes every year.

If you are already having or had a heart attack or stroke, a personalized medical treatment plan can be developed for you by your physician to prevent the next one.

Why some self-insured employers pay for coronary calcium scan.

Traditional health insurance does not lower premium even if their cost is significantly reduced because their insured people are having much fever heart attacks, strokes, cardiac hospitalizations and procedures, stents and bypass surgeries. However, self-insured employers does not have to wait long to realize the financial benefits of preventing heart attacks and strokes. The return on investment is high and realized fairly quickly - don’t have to wait years.

The ASCOT trial is a primary prevention trial comparing placebo vs statin. Benefits manifested early, within a few months of treatment, from plaque stabilization. The trial was terminated early because of a 36% event reduction was already reached. If the trial had continued longer, the event reduction would be greater.

Plaque regression was demonstrated after just 24 months when LDL-c was lowered to less than 70 mg/dL with statin therapy.

High resolution MRI demonstrating progressive carotid artery plaque regression over a period of just 3 years with statin therapy.

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